Saturday, July 22, 2006

Chris and Adele Beeby's wedding

I have been honoured recently having been granted the opportunity to represent Chris as his best man, at his wedding. I’ve known Chris since before he knew me. There is a path between his house and mine that was probably scraped clear of grass by his own knees. He does have both the scars and the memories to support this. He can remember the toys that I owned, toys that were evoked by the moon landing in 1969. Major Matt Mason. I was 7 and he’s younger than me. He’s my Goddy, my double Goddy. I could give you a link to my best man speech but my speech didn’t go completely to plan. Mostly it was upset due to the failure of England to progress in the world cup due to an Injury that Beckham received and Rooney getting sent off due to professional provocation by Ronaldo, which I will not forgive easily.

The highlight of the wedding for me, personally, was standing with Chris when his bride appeared. We looked at each other, and we cried briefly for a second or two. ‘Dell is beautiful, but in that moment she was so much more. She had some of the most beautiful girls in the world as her bridesmaids, and I don’t want to single anyone of them out at all, especially her sister Camilla (who is everything that you want to take home and then take home to you mother….would it be wrong to propose on-blogg?), but the truth is that I didn’t notice the bridesmaids until well into the wedding and probably not until after the “I does” . Personally, I don’t want to marry until I can do that myself.

It was a classy affair, with beautiful weather and we just looked so good.


Blogger Crimbo said...

Yo Davy,
Just wanted to say what a great job
u did at our wedding :)you helped make the day a very special one, and one which i will be forever greatfull. :)

PS. has Milly said yes yet? LOL

4:19 AM  

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