Monday, July 31, 2006

I’ve had a really nice week.

What’s been nice about it, you may well ask… Not a lot but I’ve been smiling all day. Turdy has been missing for about 5 days, presumed fledged and successively independent. I got some more good photo’s of her, from Jamie (visit Jamie’s photo’s – worth a click) - so I’ll have to show them, entitled “pity me” and “discovering the joy of slugs…).

I’ve had a call out today to a couple that have been rearing a damaged swallow chick. They’ve had it a week and it’s doing well. They should manage to get it off and flying in time for the migration.

I’ve been ringing birds on a “constant effort site”. We got 54 birds, including another tree-creeper.

I signed up some new land-owners to the corncrake protection scheme and they were overjoyed that they might have corncrake chicks on both small plots of wet-meadow that they’d recently purchased. They couldn’t have done more for us, (or for the corncrake). And all that despite the fact that hay has gone up from 12.5 euros a bail to 40 euros. Everyone apart from one has held true to their promise so far, god bless them all, or Allah, Jah, or whatever her name is…. The other spent an hour with me agreeing with everything, whilst her sons were cutting the hay. Tricky woman…..

I also found John Spillane on “My Space”, a cracking good singing song-writer that I know from Clonakilty, (writer of many of the number one records in Ireland- He jokingly refers to himself as “The Irish Hit-Factory…. And fair play to Me…”).

My blog is coming on well, and I’ve found out how to download web backgrounds, (see my space). The weather is rubbish so farmers can’t cut (that helps the corncrakes), apart from yesterday when the weather broke long enough for us to be ringing from 5.00 ‘til 12.00. I put in a claim for a very expensive bottle of Middleton (Very Rare) Irish Whiskey that went missing in transit to Chris (wedding present) today, just before Chris announced that it had arrived (24 days later).

A good day today… and I managed to sign up my last farmer to the corncrake protection scheme…. An “ummer-an-arrer”, signed up to the maximum that we could ask him. I’m happy.

I also got a promotion in Blackhawk Down – Extreme, Sergeant Major Second Tour
But I won't show you medals.....


Blogger Maalie said...

Yes, I suppose you've had a really nice week now that you've got rid of those sheilas...

2:52 AM  

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