Friday, November 03, 2006


Hello! I'm sorry that I've been letting my viewers down, but I've not been doing anything that would excite you for most of the month. We've been completing the annual report. I'd love to post a few facts and figures here, but won't without permission from the boss... And.... then, in the evenings I've been tied up with my new hobby... I've discovered Skype. Skype is a free program, that allows free computer to computer chat, both by webcam and by microphone. I can tune into my mate's house in England, laugh, joke and watch the footy on their TV, and make the dog wag his tail on demand....

Little doggy!

Is it illegal to watch the football on someones TV, if they are paying for it, if their TV is in their house, but you're in a different one? We watched two matches, England and Ireland, how good is that?

Erin go Braw!

Download it for free, buy yourself a microphone for a pound, a webcam for a pound, then Skype-Me at Davy-Watson... Go on, do it! Do it now!


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